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AEC Visualizations That Evolve

We help construction firms support their clients by providing modern presentation tools that can evolve through out the project. Say goodbye to expensive, one-and-done presentation materials.

building evolution

our mission

Make complex information simple.

Our 30 years of experience in the construction industry gives us the necessary insight to make complex project information easy for your clients to understand.


Visual aid for all of your
critical meetings

There are a lot of hands in a construction project. We build your presentation to be flexible enough to handle a range of audiences at various stages of the job.

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Built-in interactivity and collaboration

Interactivity is at the core of our presentations. It allows audiences and presenters to collaborate in ways not possible with powerpoint or video.


Re-purpose presentation materials with Bit Services

Never burn time & budget creating presentations from scratch again. After we deliver your core presentation materials, our Bit Services can rapidly breath new life into them in the form of custom add-ons.

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the team

Father and Son

Build Bit is a family owned & operated studio. Together we combine 30 years of construction industry experience with enterpise software expertise to delivery revolutionary visualizations and presentation tools.

  • Aaron


    Visualization Veteran

    With 30 years in the construction industry, Aaron is an expert in visually communicating a firm's unique project approach in a way that addresses the client's top priorities.

  • Kristopher


    Software Architect

    Leveraging his background in enterprise software design & development, Kris is driven to provide construction firms with flexible tools that can shape an unrivaled client experience.

work with us

Be different. Be Evolutionary.

From pursuit to hand-off, we continuously demonstrate to your clients why your firm is uniquely qualified to serve them. Together we can deliver superior client experiences that will not only make your firm a great choice to work with, but the only choice.

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